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1in6 Workshop and Resource Table at the 2014 National Sexual Assault Conference

1in6 Resource Table

Stop by our resource table at the 2014 National Sexual Assault Conference. Learn more about our services for the 1 in 6 men who have had unwanted sexual experiences in childhood and how you can increase your capacity to help men and their loved ones.  From thoughtful discussions about the unique challenges facing male survivors to effective “Awareness & Engagement” strategy, we look forward to supporting your work. Ask us about our Bristlecone and 1BlueString Awareness Campaigns! Learn more about our resources for professionals:

Dates: Wednesday, August 20–22, 2014

1in6 Workshop: “Reaching Out to Men”

Ongoing news stories that raise awareness about the sexual abuse of boys offer a great opportunity to encourage men to begin addressing their childhood sexual trauma. But how do you reach male survivors? How do you engage them, make them feel safe in stepping forward?

The 90-minute workshop is designed to help advocates, organizers and practitioners think about the most effective ways to approach the issue of childhood sexual abuse with men and with those who care about them.

We will begin by discussing the 1in6 philosophy of outreach to men, strategies for defining “Awareness and Engagement” goals relevant to your organization’s needs; identifying exactly who you are trying to reach; explore which messages will be effective and which may be counter-productive; outreach and awareness campaign strategy model, a short review of the impacts of childhood sexual abuse on men; and the resulting barriers to getting help, as well as a review of resources.


  • Review 1in6 outreach philosophy
  • Understand basic outreach theory
  • Create a practical strategic plan for your practice or organization’s outreach and awareness activities
  • Learn common practices to increase social-media engagement
  • Review available resources for men


Anyone who works with men including: crisis intervention hotline staff and volunteer/staffs; victim advocates; mental health workers; child protection workers;  law enforcement personnel, and other professionals with some knowledge about the dynamics of sexual abuse.

Date: Thursday, August 21, 2014
Time: 10:45 AM — 12:15 PM Eastern Time
Time Commitment: 90 Minutes
Cost: See conference registration fees
Registration Link:


2014 National Sexual Assault Conference:

The National Sexual Assault Conference (NSAC) (August 20–22 in Pittsburgh, PA) is an annual conference that brings together over 1000 people to share information, advance learning opportunities, and support professional growth to those who work to address the needs of survivors of sexual assault, to raise awareness about sexual assault, and to prevent sexual assault from happening.